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AST teacher-tutors infuse passion for learning and help students become self-directed and life-long learners. Our teacher-tutors are chosen for their love for teaching, their empathy and compassion and their ability to communicate and explain complex math or science based concepts to students. Our teacher-tutors pass a rigorous selection process and are both highly qualified and excellent communicators in order to tutor students at AST. All teacher tutors have earned post-secondary degrees including B.Ed., B.Sc., P.Eng, M.Sc., Ph.D., etc. More importantly, they have had hands-on experience teaching students at the high school and/or university level. Our teacher-tutors are knowledgeable in the Math and Science ON Curricula, as well as in the content and rigour of university entry-level courses.
Eduardo Marentes

Eduardo Marentes Ph.D., OCT

Teacher-Tutor AST

I am Eduardo Marentes, Founder of Atomic Springboard Tutoring (AST). Prior to creating AST, I taught Chemistry, Biology, and Science in High Schools in Canada and USA.

My career in education has taken me from my early teaching years in Colombia to my post-graduate and post-doctoral studies in Canada and USA. My passion for teaching began when I lectured a Plant Biochemistry course at the University of Guelph, then I went on to become a certified teacher in Ontario, Indiana and Delaware where I taught Chemistry, Biology and General Sciences for all grades in high school over a period of 12 years.