Founder Message

A Message from the Founder

Eduardo Marentes

It is my pleasure to write a few lines about Atomic Springboard Tutoring. For quite some time I have wanted to create and develop an innovative tutoring program that specifically addresses the needs of Ontario high school and university students. A tutoring program that helps students become life-long learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers. For a tutoring program that supports students in achieving their post-secondary dreams and goals and allows them to grow as productive and successful citizens in our community. I have been both a high school teacher and a University instructor in Ontario, Alberta and the US. Through these experiences I have become very much aware of the disconnect between high school preparation and university expectations on students. The critical missing aspects in this disconnect are both a lack of study skills and confidence.

In Ontario, high school students enrolled in semester-based classes face rigorous and packed curricula. At-home tutoring is an excellent way for parents to support their children, enabling them to achieve their own expectations as well as those laid out in the Ontario Math and Science Curricula. Qualified tutors do indeed provide an enrich education experience and make a difference in a child’s overall academic and personal school performance. At Atomic Springboard Tutoring I am thrilled to be able to offer my clients extremely intelligent and well qualified tutors who have not only succeeded in their own professional careers but are highly committed to helping young students develop a passion for learning, Math and Science.