Our Advantage


Atomic Springboard Tutoring adheres to the Ontario Math and Science Curriculum and provides enrichment in areas of interest to each student.


  • Experience the most caring and qualified teacher tutor for you or your child.
  • Have a teacher-tutor who meets you close to school or at your home.
  • Will have teacher-tutors who come prepared to help your child understand the material and will help them develop subject-specific and study skills.
  • Receive supplemental learning materials from various sources including University level textbooks, and the College Board Advanced Placement Program.
  • Get personalized one-on-one and/or small group tutoring and a monitoring program with regular feedback to ensure your child is building his or her knowledge and understanding on solid foundations.


My goal is to infuse passion for learning and help students become self-directed and life-long learners who excel in school.

Eduardo Marentes

Eduardo Marentes Ph.D., OCT

Teacher-Tutor AST

I am Eduardo Marentes, Founder of Atomic Springboard Tutoring (AST). Prior to creating AST, I taught Chemistry, Biology, and Science in High Schools in Canada and USA.

My career in education has taken me from my early teaching years in Colombia to my post-graduate and post-doctoral studies in Canada and USA. My passion for teaching began when I lectured a Plant Biochemistry course at the University of Guelph, then I went on to become a certified teacher in Ontario, Indiana and Delaware where I taught Chemistry, Biology and General Sciences for all grades in high school over a period of 12 years.




B.Ed., Science Education
Ph.D., Plant Physiology
M.Sc., Biology- Plant Physiology
B.Sc., Biology - Biotechnology

Scientific Publications

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Authors: Eduardo Marentes-Manjarres, Wilfried E. Rauser
A rapid seedling-based bioassay for identifying low cadmium-accumulating individuals of Duram wheat (Triticum turgidium L.) Euphyitica 2001
Authors: Eduardo Marentes-Manjarres, DJ Archambault, Buckley W, Clarke J, Taylor GJ
Mass determination of low-molecular-weight proteins in phloem sap using matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Journal of Experimental Botany 1998
Authors: Eduardo Marentes-Manjarres, Michael A. Grusak
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Retranslocation of boron in broccoli and lupin during early reproductive growth. Physiologia Plantarum 1998
Authors: Eduardo Marentes-Manjarres, Shelp BJ, Vanderpool RA, Spiers GA
Proteins accumulate in the apoplast of winter rye leaves during cold acclimation. Physiologia Plantarum 1993
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